This blog is all about racing, training, motivation, while still having fun. If your brand can relate, I’m interested in speaking to you about advertising, give-aways and branding.

How do we communicate with you?
The easiest way is definitely by email at, but you can also give me a call if that is more convenient.

We are a food company, is this something you are interested in?
I believe food is essential to racing and performing at your best. I’m food fanatic – especially if it can make me feel better or improve my performance in some way. My readers all know I am a sucker for ice cream and espresso, so I don’t ONLY eat health food either 🙂 No matter what food your company products, chances are I’m very interested in learning more!

Who are your readers?
I’ve have a pretty diverse audience, but the majority of my readers tend to be female (about 60%). I have readers worldwide, with the bulk (70%) being here in the US and Canada. My readers are fellow fitness enthusiasts; they run, bike, swim, ski, hike, compete in fitness competitions, triathlons, stage races and more. I also have readers who have not yet begun their fitness journeys, but are simply gathering information or supporting friends and family members.

What now?
Let me know what you have in mind! You can contact me via the contact page, or email me directly at

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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