No service?

Originally, I did not plan to actually post this, but I realized that I try to be as honest as possible on this blog. Part of being honest is sharing both my ups and downs, so it’s time for me to share something that has been frustrating me this fall, as I make the move from corporate world to professional athlete.

I had gotten used to all the corporate BS; the lying and cheating, stealing ideas, taking credit for others’ work, and other ways to make yourself look good and move up the corporate ladder. These are the types of things I HATED and was really looking forward to getting away from.


However, I seem to have a new problem I am faced with. In the archery community, many companies are smaller, family run companies. I highly value this and look to support them as much as possible. I’ve always said that I will only work with products or companies I believe in 100%, and the same goes for when I am looking for sponsors to support my new career. The #1 thing a company can do to get on my “bad” list is to simply ignore me (or any customer for that matter).

I get that you are small and probably don’t have a lot of resources, with people doing multiple jobs. I completely understand the idea of being crazy busy and overworked, but in my mind that is no excuse for completely ignoring someone. I’m not talking about no response in a day or a week, but no response to a phone call and emailS over a 2-3 month period.

Some may counter me by saying the same thing is going on in the corporate world with applicants for jobs never hearing back from hiring managers. And to that I will say, yes I realize that does happen, but I am against that as well. If someone took enough time to submit an application, at least have the courtesy to send them an email (even just an auto-generated response) to let them know their application has been received. Otherwise, they are left wondering if it ended up in your spam folder or didn’t go through on one of those online systems.


Also, why is it so hard for society to say no to people these days. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather get a No response from a company (whether for a job or a potential sponsorship), then being ignored all together. At least when you hear No you can move forward, instead of just sitting around waiting, wondering when you will hear something.

Ultimately, I believe, responding/following up with people is just common courtesy. Yes, we all are busy and we live in a ME, ME, ME world, but come on people. Show a little respect for those around you, especially those taking the time to show they care about your company (want to work there, like your product, or even have suggestions for improvements). No one is going to waste their own time doing these things unless they actually care about you and your company. If you can’t see the value in this, then yes, just ignore them so they know not to continue supporting you.

You may think I am overreacting and out of line with this post (if you do feel free to say so in the comment section below), but it’s something I feel I had to get out there. Let’s all show a little respect for one another and remember to RESPOND next time you get a request from someone, no matter how big or small.



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  1. Crystal I am so very proud of you. I totally agree with everything you said. Society is so selfish nowadays only caring whats in it for them. Common manners are gone so sad to see. Respect is the key. Respect others as you want to be respected. I’m so proud of your accomplishments. You are a very well rounded young lady with your head and heart in the right place. I’m so very proud to be your Aunt. I love you and keep you in my prayers. Trust me when I tell you this::all your dreams will come true you will excel farther than you even think possible. When you get there just remember Aunt Gail told you that you will make it big and break more records than you can even fathom at this time. I love you and support you totally. I know you made the right decision to quit the corporate world.

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