Cobweb Classic 2013

I’m a little behind on getting this recap up, so I apologize. Although I’ve had this tournament on my calendar since the spring, it snuck up me. Usually it is held near the end of October (hence the name), but for some reason this year it was Sept 20-22. It is held at Ace Archers, but is a fundraiser for the Brandeis University team. R and I got lucky and there were still some open slots when we called Wednesday night. We decided to shoot the friday night line, so we would still have our weekend free.


The shoot started at 7pm, and it was a full 60 arrow indoor tournament. Luckily for R, indoor tournaments only require you to shoot 3 arrows at a time bc he had exactly 3 new indoor arrows and had already modified his bow for them (meaning he couldn’t just shoot his outdoor arrows inside). I was able to use my indoor arrows, but I hadn’t adjusted or tuned my bow for them, as I still had everything setup so I could keep shooting outside.

We went into this tournament, hoping to do well, but mostly to just give ourselves a baseline on where we were at. I had a somewhat slow start, with too many 9s and finished the first half with a 285. This isn’t bad (bronze olympian level for USA Archery), but it was lower than I knew I could shoot. I managed to increase my score to 288 in the second half (even with shooting an 8!). That gave me a final score of 573 and the victory.


In reality this was a pretty good score, since last winter my record was a 575, but I knew I was shooting better than the score reflected, which made it frustrating. I know a lot of that probably has to do with my bow, but I wanted to come out with a bang, proving to myself that I could compete with the top women. My for the tournament was not only to have a good score, but I wanted to be the grand champion (highest score of all shooters). Unfortunately, while I won the women’s division, there were two men who scored higher than me, so I would have been 3rd in the men’s division.

Ultimately, this tournament showed me that I have a good base to start with, but there is definite room for improvement, both from me and my bow. I learned that I get very tired shooting until past 10pm, so I should probably stick to earlier start times (or practice shooting later). My goal now is to focus on getting my bow shooting as well as possible indoors, so I can know that if I shoot good shots, they will go in.


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