Products I Love: ArcherZUpshot

Most of the products I’ve featured here on my blog are not sport specific, and that is intentional. I personally believe every athlete can learn things from other sports, and I think there is too much close mindedness in general, with athletes, associations AND companies all narrowly targeting to a specific audience. With that being said, there ARE some products that just by their nature, must be sport specific.

And that’s where we are today, with my most recent edition of “Products I Love.” I’ve been meaning to write this up for a little over a month now, but I never remember when I am sitting in front of my computer. Today I’d like to introduce you to a great app, called ArcherZUpshot. As you can probably guess from the name, it is an archery specific app, used for scoring, analysis and just basic record keeping.

This may not sound too exciting or very different from other products on the market today, however, it has a HUGE advantage over every other option out there. What? It has a great staff of people who are not only listening to archers, but going out and researching tournament formats, training plans, coaches needs and more!

I can honestly say I’ve never had a product in my life where I so quickly see my (and others) feedback getting implemented. For me, it’s a really cool feeling to know that people are listening to you as a user and wanting to help make things better. This especially speaks to my OCD side, where sometimes, there may not be anything WRONG, I just find little things that bother me.

But back to what the app actually does. Instead of just a basic scoring app, where you can put in your arrows shot in competition or practice, ArcherZUpshot allows you to do much more, including arrow plotting. Yes, there are other apps out there that allow you to do this, however, I have found them very hard to use, time-consuming and just not all that useful. With ArcherZUpshot, I can look at plots of each end of scoring, my overall target, and I can even see separate plots when shooting 3 spot targets. This can help you identify if you are having specific issues with one spot on the target.

They then take the graphing and plotting a step further with their analytics section. To be honest, there is so much here, I haven’t even used most of the features available. One particular aspect I like is comparing equipment changes. How many times while you are trying to tune your bow, have you had a piece of paper out and trying to plot two different setups (different nocks, arrows or rest height). Whatever it is you want to compare, you can easily do this, all within the app.

There are more great features such as a records (glory) section, which keeps track of your highest scores and TONS of preprogrammed rounds and target formats (indoor/outdoor, target/field, and even 3d). They do still allow you the ability to add your own custom rounds, but unlike other programs which I find I’ve had to do this a lot, with ArcherZUpshot, I have yet to make my own custom bc everything I want is already there.

You can download your very own copy here on iTunes. And with that, here are some screenshots, so you can see for yourself what the app looks like “on the inside.”

home screen

home screen

Lots of "how to" info

Lots of “how to” info

cluster analysis

cluster analysis


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