How to lose an arrow

If you are tired of your arrows and want to buy a new set, I’ve come across a fool-proof method for losing them.

Step 1: Put your favorite fletching combo on each of them
Step 2: Head to Pomfret, CT
Step 3: Shoot their 3d tournament
Step 4: Leave with one arrow less than you arrived with

On Sunday, R and I decided we would shoot the local 3d tournament. It was being held at the Pomfret Rod & Gun club. It’s pretty close to our house, and we had done it earlier in the year with my father-in-law and remembered it being a pretty good course.

Last time we went they had a really tough shot up onto a cliff. Essentially if you missed; either your arrow was busted from hitting the rock face or long gone, never to be found. This was our first 3d of the year, I was admittedly ill prepared (not sighted correctly with equipment I was using), and I was not judging yardage well at all. So needless to say, I lost an arrow on that shot.

Fast forward to this Sunday, and for starters the bugs were AWFUL. I can go into the woods with a dozen people and I will walk out covered from head to toe in bites. R hardly ever is bothered by insects, especially if I am around. Sunday, however, even he was complaining about getting eaten alive. The bug repellant I had used, clearly was doing nothing, as at any one time I would have multiple mosquitoes on my body.

This made shooting interesting…trying to hold still and make a good shot while they are crawling on you, sucking your blood and buzzing in your ear is not the easiest thing to do. Both of us started pretty rough. For me it was back to my issues of yardage and knowing where to aim on the targets. I was making consistently good shots just not getting 10s and 12s.

After about 6 targets, we both were so miserable from the bugs, we decided we would call it quits at the half way mark and head back to the clubhouse. Knowing we were almost done got me through the rest of this section, and I even shot a 12 finally on the 15th hole.

And that’s when we realized this was not a course that came back near the start/finish at the half way point and we would have to walk the rest of the course to get out. We figured if we had to walk it, we might as well shoot it…and I prayed the bugs would leave me alone!

Overall, we both shot much better on this half of the course, but we found the targets to be very worn out and hard to see the scoring rings. This wasn’t something we remembered from when we shot here before. There were some good setups, but there was a lot of walking between targets and the paths were not mowed or groomed in any way. In fact, there were many times were the stakes (or at least the blue which we shot) were essentially hidden with all the overgrown brush, making it tough to find, much less shoot from when your field of vision to the target was sometimes completely blocked with limbs, leaves or corn.

Which leads me to my lost arrow for the day. I had a pretty easy shot, but I found I had a branch in my sights. It looked smaller than it was, and I figured I would just hit some leaves so it wouldn’t be a problem. WRONG! My arrow ricocheted off the branch bouncing off one tree to the next, only to disappear somewhere into the woods. It was ultimately my fault, but I was pretty bummed since it felt like it was one of the best shots I had made all day. I even had tri colored fletchings on my arrows (hot pink, bright orange and lime green) with orange nocks, so I figured we would have been able to find it, but no such luck.

The best part of the day was the finish. We had a bear at 45 yards, and I nailed a 12. Not only was I excited to finally get another 12, but it also meant I got to head to the car, since my body was already swelling up quite nicely thanks to my stupid friends who had a nice buffet with my blood.


And now…time to start getting ready for indoor season, which will be here before we know it.


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