Influenster Challenge: Lifeway Kefir

As some of you know, I have participated in Influenster challenges in the past. Most require you to try a variety of products and then share your thoughts with others. For this specific challenge, I was given the opportunity to try Lifeway Kefir.

Lifeway has a lot of different products, and while I would have loved the opportunity to review the frozen Kefir (we all know how much I love ice cream!), but unfortunately my local grocery store doesn’t carry these products yet.

So, I decided to try the original lifeway kefir, which is basically a fruit smoothie drink, with lots of good for you stuff in it. I decided this would make a great addition to my breakfast smoothie. Instead of using regular milk for the liquid, I would use the lifeway kefir (I went with strawberry flavor).

The good (or bad) news was I found I didn’t notice a difference in the taste or texture of my morning smoothie, using this product. I say this is good because I got the added benefit of extra nutrients, 10 strains of bacteria (the good kind) and probiotics, without a poor taste or a change in the texture I have always liked (drink that is thick enough you essentially chew).

I also had the idea (of course not until after I finished my free sample) to freeze the kefir drink to make my own frozen kefir. I think if I had the right container to freeze it in, it could work well. My only question is whether the consistency of it frozen will work for eating with a spoon, like ice cream. Also, since I did not drink it on its own, I’m curious to how strong the flavor would be…definitely something for me to try.

Have you tried any Lifeway Kefir products? If so, I’d love to hear what you thought!

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