Products I Love: Flexor

I know it’s been some time since I featured a product I love on my blog, but I think this one is worth the wait!

blue_trans_006I was first introduced to flexor by the creator, Skip Latella, in Arizona at my first outdoor archery tournament. He went through a quick test and showed me how poor my balance was (this was no shock to me, as this is something I have always struggled with). He went on to show & explain, how we could essentially reprogram our muscles to have better balance.

Obviously, balance is important to archers, especially in windy conditions, but Flexor also has a golf specific program. In my opinion, either of these programs would be highly beneficial to ALL athletes. When you run or bike or swim, you need a strong core, and other sports like paddle boarding or skiing require extreme balance. No matter what sport you participate in, I think flexor is a great tool to improving balance and overall core strength.

One thing I really like about flexor, is the scientific research behind it. Not only does Skip have an advanced degree, he is published in top scientific journals and he really does his homework when it comes to the sports he builds the program for. And although, as I said, I believe the flexor system can benefit anyone, I LOVE that they have made it sport specific when it comes to their workout programs and equipment. There is obviously a lot of overlap, but I really like knowing time was devoted to truly learning what is important to helping me be the best archer I can.

So getting to the actual program itself. We are all busy people, especially those of us trying to lead an active lifestyle outside of the typical workday. I’m very hesitant to attempt any program that requires an hour or more of my time, 6 days/week, etc. That is another reason I love flexor. It is a program designed to be done every other day for just about 15 minutes at a time. In addition, it’s something that can be used as a warmup for other activities, including your regularly scheduled workouts.

There are a total of 10 session, each lasting 2.5 weeks, which means the program itself runs for roughly 6 months if you follow it in its entirety. I began the program right after returning from the Arizona Cup, where I purchased the system, knowing I needed to get stronger for shooting in the wind with the Texas Shootout coming in just a few short weeks.

Each session contains somewhere between 8 and 12 exercises in a prescribed order. The first day or two I did the program it took much longer than 15 minutes, as I was reading each exercise description and/or watching the associated video to help me make sure I was doing things properly. Once I got the hang of them, it was fairly easy to move through the exercises at a rapid pace. I quickly got to the point where I even knew the order without having to look at the computer.

photoI was in the middle of session 2 when I left for Texas and a 2 week business trip. I was amazed how far I had come in just a few short weeks (the medium resistant band was already feeling pretty easy), but I knew the real test would be shooting in the wind. I’d be lying if I said the wind in Texas was easy or that I felt rock solid during the crazy gusts, but I will say I noticed a difference from my hold in Arizona, even though it was much windier.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any of it with me on my trip, so once I returned home, I definitely felt like I had lost some of my progress. My travel schedule was crazy through the rest of the spring and early summer, so I ended up using flexor on my own schedule and not following the training plan as written. As soon as Nationals was over, however, my plan was to start from the beginning and work through the entire program, which would lead me nicely into the 2013/2014 indoor season.

I can honestly say, the more I use flexor the more I like it. In the same sense, the more I learn about the company, the happier I get. Flexor is currently a sponsor of USA Archery, and they have developed a new piece of equipment and are expanding on the training program as I type this. I got the opportunity to try the new piece out at the SoCal Showdown, and wow, what a great addition!

I’ve found personally that even though my balance has improved and my drawing arm seems to be stronger, my bow arm continues to be my “weak link,” especially in windy conditions. Flexor’s newest product is designed to help answer this need, so I am looking forward to adding that to my training program at some point.

*For more information regarding the scientific research behind flexor, check out this page.


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