Just having fun

After a week at Nationals and then the CT State Target Championship the following weekend, R and I decided to spend the week just “playing” with our bows and not doing anything too serious.

We decided at the last-minute to attend a local 3-d shoot, since we hadn’t done one since the beginning of the season with all of our travel to target events. I decided to man up and shoot the open class (blue stake), which meant I could use my target bow with my adjustable sight. Our friend and coach from Hall’s decided to join us too, so we were excited for a fun walk through the woods.

All of us had a pretty rough starts, with lots of 5s and 8s on our 3 scorecards, as we were ALL very rusty on 3-d shooting. We came up on a deer that was uphill, about 40 yards away and accidentally using her wrong sight mark, Roxy sent her arrow under the target. R and I followed suit by sending ours flying over the back (our guess for distance-40-was too long). We managed to find two of the three arrows before we had to continue on to the next target, as people were coming up behind us.


That brought us up to an elk. Judging distance is definitely my weakness coming from target to 3-d (that and knowing where exactly on the body the scoring rings are), and I was shaken up after completely missing the last target high. I decided I better be conservative in my yardage for the elk, as I would rather it land short then too far…well unfortunately I took my own advice a little too seriously. As it turned out, this elk was 40-45 yards away, and I put my sight on 26-27 yards, whoops!

Roxy and R had a good laugh at me on this one, but I got the last laugh when I actually hit one of the legs, so I still scored the body shot score of a 5. At this point I really got worried about my yardage judging, so I started telling them what I had my pin set on before taking the shot. If I was going to at least hit the target, I didn’t want them to tell me to change it, I just wanted to know if I was going to be 15 yards off again before I took a shot!

I found my yardage judging getting much better as we moved through the targets, and I was feeling pretty good once we made the turn at the half way point. We started on the back 15, and on the first target, R’s scope broke right off from his sight…back to the car he headed. Roxy and I continued on, and I had some good shots, but I wasn’t hitting any 12s, as I was hitting where I was aiming, but I wasn’t aiming correctly with where the scoring rings were located.

Overall, I finished much better than I started with only three 5s on the back 15 vs seven on the front half. Yardage is simply a matter of practice, and I already was improving by the end of the round. Next step for me is to start learning the scoring rings on the animals (or buy a set of cards that shows you where they are). All in all we had a good time, and Roxy and I went 1 & 2 for the women’s category…yes, she kicked my butt!


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  1. Inspiring quest there. What occurred after? Good luck!

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