Nationals: Getting There

I’m finally back home and done traveling for a while. I just got back from the 2013 US Nationals, which were held in Hamilton, Ohio (just outside Cincinnati). When R and I first heard the location for Nationals, we were pretty excited. We met at Xavier (Go Muskies!) in Cincinnati and still have a lot of friends in the area. For me, I was doubly excited as with the exception of my parents, my entire family still lives in Northeastern Ohio, which is on the way to Cincinnati from CT.

Our trip started bright and early with us getting up and hitting the road around 4am on Tuesday. R hates to deal with traffic, so whenever possible, he likes to get up early and drive to beat it. I was just excited to finally not have to take my bow and all my equipment on a plane, so I didn’t complain. We made great time, hitting virtually no traffic or construction and ended up getting to my grandparents house a little before 2pm.


This was nice because we were able to relax and hang out for the rest of the afternoon/evening with my grandparents. I took some pictures around the house, as I have always loved all their gardens and natural elements. Here is a quick collage of some of my favorites:


With practice beginning the next morning at 9am, we hit the road around 6am and made the quick trip down to Cincy. We hit some construction, and had a little trouble locating exactly where in Joyce park the tournament was being held (that park is HUGE!), but we got parked, lugged our bows to the field and began to practice. This would be my first national event shooting more than one distance, so I had to make sure I practiced (and got sight marks for each). I decided to shoot 2 ends at each distance, then I would go back and re-shoot 60M and 30M, as these would be the distances I would have to make sure my marks were dead on, as I would not get to practice them again.

Turns out it was a good thing we decided to drive down early and practice, even though the field was supposed to be open until 6pm. As we were packing up, there were warnings being announced about severe weather headed our direction. We got some lunch (Cincinnati chili of course) and headed back to the hotel to relax before meeting a college friend for dinner. At this point it started to downpour and we learned the practice field had been closed for the rest of the day.


Dinner was great. We spent time with a good friend, had a home cooked meal, and stayed dry! Even though we would have loved to stay longer, we knew we had to make it an early night, as R and I were both shooting bright and early the next morning. So as you can tell, the trip was going well so far, but make sure you stay tuned to hear how the tournament and rest of the trip went.


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