Another one bites the dust

At the conclusion of qualification day, all senior and junior women were placed together for elimination rounds. Unfortunately, I ended up right smack dab in the middle, so while I didn’t have to face a top ranked opponent (as I did in AZ), I was up against the girl who had shot nearly an identical score to mine on qualification day. I knew this match would be a challenge once I learned my opponent was Emily Bee. Last year as cadet, she was a top ranked archer, a member of the national team and holds some scoring records for that division.

Elimination rounds consist of head to head battle, with 5 ends of 3 arrows, totaled for a score where winner moves on and loser is done for the tournament. Because my first match would be in the 1/16 round (same round I lost in last time), I was determined to win, so I could at least say I’d improved in that way. However, if I did win, I would be matched up against the top ranked archer, Erika Jones!

We started our match, and my first arrow was an 8. I knew I had felt too calm, but now the nerves were there, as I knew I’d being playing catchup. I focused and shot well for my next two shots. Emily had the lead, but I knew I had 4 more ends to catch her. Overall, I shot well the remainder of the match, so I ended up matching her score by the end. We both had shot a 141 (just one point less than my highest elimination score), so I was happy.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 3.47.14 PM

This, however, meant time for a one arrow, closest to the center shoot off. Unfortunately, neither of us had a great shot, with both of us shooting 9s. Hers ended up closer to the center, giving her the tie breaking win and the opportunity to continue on for the day. I was bummed I had lost, but then I looked at the other scores on the field. Not only did I have the highest score (by 7 points) of any of the losers, but I had actually beaten 5 of the 8 winners. I realized I couldn’t be upset by that. The only upsetting thing was knowing had I gotten 9th (in senior women division) after qualification instead of 8th, I would have moved on to the next round.

Good news for me, however, is that your arrow average is 1/3 of your national ranking points, so the fact that I had shot well and lost would benefit me when it comes time for trying to make the national team. I knew I had held my own against a top competitor, so even though it was a short end to the day, I was still proud of what I had accomplished. Now was time to rest and get ready for the world game trials that would be held the following day.


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