Easter arrow hunt

Most people hunt for eggs on Easter, but instead of following the trend, this year we hunted for arrows instead. R, my father-in-law, R’s sister’s boyfriend (A) and I all did our first 3d shoot of the year Easter morning. It took place at Pomfret Rod & Gun club, and we had heard good things about the course (though we had never done it before).

With my bow all setup for AZ, I didn’t dare use my Hoyt for this event. Instead, I decided to piece together the pieces of my old bow into something I could shoot well enough to just go out and have a good time. This probably wasn’t the brightest idea, especially since I didn’t get my sight pins lined up with any distances.

The course proved true to what we had heard, it was challenging but a lot of fun. Unfortunately, using an old, cheap bow, without correct sight pins on a challenging course=lost arrows. Out of all the 3d shoots I did last year, I think I completely missed the target on 1 or 2 TOTAL animals. At this shoot alone I had 6 misses! This left us “hunting” for arrows quite frequently, especially since this was A’s first 3d shoot ever and was just “learning” how to judge distances.

All-in-all it was a great morning though. The weather was cold, but the sun was shining. I felt like I was making good shots and doing a decent job judging distances, even if my bow wasn’t setup properly. I was with good company, walked nearly 4 miles, and we found all but one arrow we had lost throughout the day. To top it off, I finished in first place in the women’s sights and release class, which I was not expecting. Overall, I’d say it was a lot more fun then trying to find eggs in your yard 🙂


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  1. I went by there on the bike Saturday and was thinking about going back after my ride. Sorry I didn’t now.

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