Time is up, AZ here I come!

Today is a high of about 35, tomorrow I will be in Arizona with a high of 93. Not sure how my body is going to handle such a shock, but I’m looking forward to sunshine and hopefully no more wind!

I can honestly say, I don’t feel entirely prepared for the first of the USA Archery Qualifier events, which also happens to be a World Ranking event. I had dreams of a mild end of winter/early spring here in CT, with lots of time out practicing in the yard. Unfortunately, that has been far from reality. It’s been cold, rainy, windy and just downright miserable for much of the past month. Between the weather and a busy work schedule I’ve had very little time to practice outdoors.

I’ve decided that because of this AND because this will be my first ever competition a)outdoors and b)at 50 meters, that I am going into the Arizona Cup with no preconceived notions. I’m going there to have fun, enjoy a couple of days away from work with R, and use this as a learning experience. Will I try to do the best that I can? Of course, but I am not going to let my result impact my trip by setting unrealistic expectations.

With that, here’s to no sun burns, heat stroke, lost luggage or broken bows!


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