mountain bike season has kicked off

kingofburlingame_header_logoThis past weekend marked the official start to mountain bike racing here in New England, with the King of Burlingame Time Trial. Although I’ve never participated in this event, and R only did it one year, the past few years this is something I’ve looked forward to, as it means the start of race season!

Whether I spent hours and hours on the trainer all winter, or as was the case last year the weather remained mild enough throughout most of the winter to ride outside, that is definitely not the case this year. I’m itching to get back on my bike, not itching to race…BIG DIFFERENCE!

Due to a combination of factors, I have not ridden my bike much (if at all) over the past 4 months. I’ve done a couple trainer rides indoors, did some cross races in the fall, but I haven’t been riding in any regular fashion for months now. There are days when the weather has looked like it was going to be perfect to get out and ride some trails, only to end up being 20 degrees colder than predicted or heavy rain/snow the night before.

I’ve found other ways to occupy my time, but I still miss the physical exertion of riding a bike (or swimming or running). I’ve gotten lazy in the sense that I get tired of just thinking of going for a run or a bike ride. I know I WANT to, but that motivation to get me out the door (especially in less than ideal conditions) is missing.

Add to that the fact that I still have not raised my full amount for my Bikes for Boobs Fundraiser and many of my favorite races (Hop Brook Dam) are on dates that don’t work with my schedule, and I am just not very excited about racing this year. I wanted to raise money, support a cause and then bring awareness by wearing my new kit at races. Unless I can raise the rest of the funds shortly, it looks like there will be no kit to wear after all. I’m disappointed because I feel like I’ve let people down. Yes, I have raised a lot of money ($875), but in reality a goal of $1500 shouldn’t be that hard to do.

So here I am, hoping I can still race a few mountain bike events this year. I hope I can find my motivation for cardio activities, and I hope the weather FINALLY GETS WARM!!!

-What are you hoping/waiting for this month?
-Do you have many races planned for this spring or are you laying lower then past years?


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