nothing’s gonna stop me

Results are in and I didn’t end up placing in the top 10 for indoor nationals. Yes, I was disappointed in my results, yes I wish I could have done better, but I need to look ahead. I’ve had a lot of work related stress lately, so any “bad” news, even little things are getting to me more than usual. I’ve decided that instead of letting this get me down, I am going to use it as motivation for the outdoor season.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, I am making a conscious decision to focus on the positives, which are:

-I beat women who are “pro” archers
-I battled back after struggling 3/4th way through day 1
-I lost to World Cup & National team members
-Everyone who beat me has been shooting for YEARS, not MONTHS
-I came in 12th out of all compound women in the country
-Placed 2nd for my location
-and was #1 for the state of CT

So with that, I know I have work to do if I am going to try to make the US National team this year. It may have snowed all day Friday, but it was sunny this weekend. That meant I was out there sighting in at 50 meters. I lowered my draw weight, which seemed to give me a better tune with my arrows, and I am focused on kicking butt in Arizona in less than a month!

-how do you handle disappointment?



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