Love was not in the air at UConn’s Cupid Classic

After two solid weeks of great scores in archery league, I was really pumped to shoot at UConn’s first annual cupid classic tournament. I had just missed the silver olympian level for USA Archery (1 point and 3 points), and even in practice I seemed to be shooting great every time. I’d made some changes with my arrows, changing point weight, length, etc and it seemed to be paying off with shrinking my groups. Even my “bad” shots seemed to still be at least in the big 10 ring if not hitting the inner 10 ring line.

photo-1R also seemed to have finally had a breakthrough the week before, so after not originally signing up, he decided to compete as well. The tournament was to be held in the armory. We arrived early, tramped through some fresh snow, and got ready to begin. The first thing we noticed is they were using outdoor targets, meaning we would need to lube our arrows if we wanted to be able to pull them out of the bale.

I was excited to learn that I would be on the same bale as 3 other shooters from Hall’s arrow. As is typical of most non large tournaments, we would not be allowed to warmup or take an unofficial practice ends. Each archer would get 2 ends of official practice before the tournament began. I found the lighting to be pretty poor, causing me trouble even seeing the target through my sight, so I spent both ends just trying to move my sight to where I think it needed to go. I did not feel “ready” when we began, but I tried to focus and trust me shot.

Unfortunately, my very first end was a 27 (3-9s), which I had only had 1 or 2 of total in each of my scoring rounds the last 2 weeks. I knew it was early, so I would have plenty of time to come back, but it was still frustrating. It took me a full 4 ends before I felt warmed up, and apparently I wasn’t the only one, as my entire bale seemed to be struggling.

From this point forward, I felt like I was shooting much better then my score. Good shots just didn’t seem to be going in, this to me is the most frustrating thing to happen. When you think you shoot a dead center X and its barely a 10 (or even worse a 9!). We were all struggling and maybe the negative energy was just making us collectively do even worse, but all 4 of us shot the worst we had in a long time.

I ended with a decent score, but nothing close to what I had been shooting. I was bummed bc I really thought I had made a breakthrough and was excited to do well going into indoor nationals. R also struggled for the day, ready to quit when he saw his final score. It’s now time for me (and R) to buckle back down and refocus, so we can have 2 straight days of solid shooting (fri & sat evening), so I can meet my goal of winning the East location and get a top 10 overall nationally.



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