Preparing for the “storm of the century” and a winner

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.11.46 AM

I’m sitting here in northeastern ct waiting. Waiting to see if the weather forecasters got it right this time, or if it’s just another example of over hyping a situation. We are being told in our specific area to expect 2-3ft of snow. My friends are all out getting their bike rides in before the snow REALLY starts to fall, but I can’t join them because I still have to work today. One of the great joys of technology is that you can work remotely, but it is also one of the downsides too, no snow days 😦

I got a new back tension release the other day (one without a safety), so this storm is actually the perfect excuse for me to go down into the basement and just spend time drilling a blank bale and working with it. I’m actually hoping this storm is as bad (or worse) then they are predicting…as long as we don’t lose power!

Now on to the good news, I have raised a total of $535 so far in my bikes for boobs fundraiser. I’m want to personally thank my latest donors; Melissa from MelissaRunningIt and Laura Moffett!

I still have $965 to raise, but let me break that down for you, that is:
-19 people donating $50
-38 people donating $25 or
-96 people donating $10

I am still confident that I can reach my goal by March 15th, so I can still race the entire season representing this great cause. I also announced last week that I would pick a prize winner for anyone donating $10 or more through yesterday (first week of february). And the winner is Casey from ProjectGirlGetFit!

Do you want a chance to win great prizes, earn recognition for your blog, AND support a great cause. Well you are in luck, there are still plenty of goodies up for grabs for anyone who donates.

-What do you like to do when you are snowed in?
-Do you still try to stay active and eat healthy?


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