This week’s giveaway and more chances to win

Huge thanks to everyone that has made a donation to my Bikes4Boobs fundraiser!

Special thanks to my first Platinum level sponsor, Sylvie Gauvin and Bronze Level Sponsor, Girls Gone Sporty!!! Your support has definitely put me in the right direction towards reaching my goal of $1500 before the race season begins, so THANK YOU!

I also want to remind everyone that besides the awesome prizes and recognition you can earn/win just by donating $1 or more (see my post here for more info), I have a special giveaway for this week. Anyone donating $10 or more the first week of February (so through Thursday night at midnight), will be entered to win extra goodies.

Anyone who is on the fence about donating before Thursday, let me give you a quick run down of the odds:

Casey from Project Girl Get Fit and Laura from Girls Gone Sporty have both donated at least $10 in this time frame. Laura graciously offered to remove herself from the prize drawing, so currently Casey has a 100% chance of winning.

So what does that mean for the rest of you. The next person to donate $10 or more before midnight on Thursday will have a 50/50 chance of winning. I’d say those are pretty good odds. So come on people, help me reach my goal by giving what you can (remember even a donation as small as $1 will enter you in the overall prize drawing).

Start February off right by helping me to help save lives!

*tired of hearing me talk about this, then help me raise the money needed to reach my goal of providing 5 full screenings or close to 20 mammograms, a crucial step in preventing breast cancer.


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  1. Happy to finally be able to contribute! I wish it was more, but I know every dollar counts, so my donation is in honor of my favorite Darwinian Fail, Krysten, my friend Val who dealt with breast cancer 30 years ago and just went through a mastectomy earlier this year, and my friend C who went to the doc feeling not so hot and ended up finding a lump in each breast yesterday. Here’s to kicking cancer in the face and killing your goal!!!

  2. Melissa, First of all THANK YOU for your donation! I am so sorry to learn about your friends. I know Val has been through the worst, but I know it’s never easy, even years later (as my mother-in-law likes to remind me). As for C, I’ll definitely be keeping her in my prayers in the coming weeks/months. I know she can get through this successfully with the support of friends like you! Here’s to saving lives, one pair at a time!

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