Review Week: Garlic Chop

After getting behind on some of my product reviews, I decided to make this Review Week and feature a product each day. As always, I try to be completely honest in all of my reviews, even if I have been given a sample of the product to try for free. You may notice that my reviews tend to be more positive than negative and that is because I search out products I want to try because I honestly believe I will like them/benefit from them in some way. I love to hear your thoughts and comments, especially if you have a different experience with a product than I had.

So first up this week is the garlic chop. You may think this is a little different then products I normally share with you, but I am a huge fan of garlic. Also, garlic has lots of health benefits that anyone, fitness enthusiasts included, can benefit from.


I’ve been using the garlic chop for about a month now. I’ve tried it for making everything from garlic butter for bread to chopped for an italian pasta dish. I’m sure you are all wondering does it actually work, or is it just another piece of junk to clutter up my house?

First some pictures to give you an idea of the size (other objects shown are just for size perspective).

front view vs pint glass

front view vs pint glass

top down view vs tuna press

top down view vs tuna press

Here is what I have to say about the garlic chop:
-small/compact size
-relatively cheap (9.99)
-can choose your own level of chop based on how much you turn
-less turns = bigger like a chop
-more = smaller pieces, more like a mush
-but comes with learning curve to get how like
-easy to grip even when hands are slightly wet
-easy to clean
-dishwasher safe
-teeth won’t cut you (safe for kids)
-parts separate
-never have to directly touch garlic with fingers
-worked best with only 1-2 large cloves (probably up to 3 smaller size would also work)
-doesn’t peel cloves



Overall, I think this would make a great gift for a garlic lover who does a lot of cooking, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it for someone who doesn’t regularly cook with garlic. Also, I would not suggest this product for someone with a large family or cooking more on an industrial scale, as you are limited in the number of cloves you can fit in the garlic chop and have it work properly. I know it is after christmas, but this product would be a great stocking stuffer idea. I also see it as something fun to add into a cooking themed gift basket.

Finally, if you are looking for some great garlic recipes, make sure you check out the garlic chop recipe website.


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