Can detergent be exciting?

As someone who wears a lot of fitness clothing, I think how you wash them is very important in how long they last (right up there with the quality of the clothes you buy in the first place). I’m sure none of you would wash a $800 business suit in with your socks, so why would you throw expensive workout clothes in with your jeans?

Over the years, I have tried different laundry detergents, but I have struggled to find one I was really happy with for my sports clothing. The three main problems I had were:

1)the sports detergent left my clothes with a nasty odor…one brand in particular (I won’t name any names here) literally made clothes smell like a cat had peed on them!

2)my clothes didn’t appear clean (or smell very clean), even after washing twice with the detergent

3)detergent was a gentle detergent, but not specifically designed for athletic clothes

photoSo always on the lookout for a quality laundry detergent designed to be mild enough to help ensure my athletic clothing lasts, strong enough to clean the sweat and grime that soaks in, and of course leaving my clothes with a pleasant smell, I was excited to try new Roux Maison Brand detergent. I was lucky enough that when I contacted the company and told them I was interested, they sent me some sample to try!

To start, they have a wide range of products, ranging from your everyday essential detergent (think sheets, towels, etc), delicate detergent and sport detergent to a swimwear solution and a stain remover, all available in a variety of scents such as lavender and citrus.

Due to the fact that I already have a product I love (and have used for over 10 years) for my swim suits, I didn’t test this product for my review. I instead focused my attention on their sport laundry detergent.

I have now been using it exclusively for my workout clothing for about a month now. Overall, I am very happy with the product, as #1 is meets my 3 biggest complaints with other detergents. It also comes as a concentrate, so it doesn’t need to come in a big, heavy bottle, saving resources and money! And finally for anyone who has sensitive skin (like myself) and has to be careful to avoid detergents with dyes or other additives, you will be happy to know that this detergent was “made with the finest natural and naturally-derived ingredients yet designed to be amazingly gentle yet highly effective.”

So far my only complaints would be the fact that I have to order this detergent online and the price. I really wish some of my local stores carried it, so I could buy it locally. I don’t think the cost is really that expensive, but compared to other brands that I have tried (especially because most of them I have been able to buy on sale), this product is definitely on the higher end at 16.99 for a 40 load bottle. You can save by purchasing a case, which contains 6 bottles, and for a product with high quality ingredients, I don’t find the price unreasonable.

So overall, if you are looking for a better sport detergent, I highly encourage you to visit the Roux Maison website for more information.


Sample/Travel size everyday detergents in a variety of fragrances


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