New Activity for the New Year: Fencing

Today I am happy to share with you a sport I know most of you have heard of, but I am sure very few have actually tried. Amalia from Live. Travel. Eat. Run.has a lot of great information to share with anyone looking for a new activity in the new year!


When/why did you start?
I started fencing when I was dating my ex-boyfriend. It was supposed to be a way for us to re-kindle our relationship. It ended up being how we ended the relationship (I was better than him, and it bothered him, so in the end fencing helped me make a great decision). Manfriend is a much better fencing partner! I haven’t found a place to fence in Vancouver yet, but it is only a matter of time before I continue.

What do you enjoy about it/what keeps you doing it?
The strategy of fencing is a huge part of why I love it! Most fencing studios offer awesome beginner classes that (should) range from 80 – 100 dollars. The best part is once you learn the fundamentals (about 5 weeks of training) including footwork and distance control, offense and defence and scoring and refereeing, you can start participating in electric fencing matches. Which are super cool. Usually the equipment is provided as well. The studio I want to go to in Vancouver also offers Monday night drop-ins which is a perfect thing for someone like me with a busy schedule. I also happen to think fencing is pretty bad-a$$.

What do you wish others knew?
Fencing doesn’t hurt! People often ask me how much it hurts. The swords you use (whether a foil or an epee) has a blunted tip, and you’re so protected you barely feel it. It can also be a very emotional sport. Anyone who followed the London 2012 Olympics knows that leaving the piste (the playing field) is an admittance of defeat. There is a lot of etiquette involved in fencing, and its a very polite sport. It’s easy to learn and fun to do.

What is the best way to get started?
Google “fencing clubs in (insert city name)” and call or use the clubs website. If you live in a bigger city it will be easier, but many small cities have fencing clubs as well!

Would you do anything different if you knew what you know now?
I would probably have competed instead of just doing it for fun. When I go back I’ll probably join a competitive circuit. But then again, 2012 Amalia is more competitive than 2006-2012 Amalia.

Do you race/compete or just do it for fun?
Just for fun!

Favorite memory/story to share.
Beating my ex-boyfriend at our play matches. And then realizing that relationship wasn’t right! Sometimes you just need a good fencing match to sort some things out.

Random Statistics/Anything else you would like to share.
Don’t be afraid of the smelly helmets. You get used to it!

Fencing also has a long history. You can learn about it here.

It also gives you a great butt!

If you enjoyed this post and/or want to learn more about fencing, make sure to find Amalia online:
Twitter: @ama_liab
Facebook Page:



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  1. Now there’s a sport that I don’t hear much of around here! Very cool! And way to go for beating the ex! 😉

  2. Go Amalia! I had no idea you were into fencing…and way to kick the old bf’s butt.

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