New Activity for the New Year: Rowing

Today’s post features April from It’s me, not you, who enjoys rowing. I was excited someone wanted to share their experience with rowing, as this is a sport I’ve always enjoyed but never really had the opportunity to get more involved with.

Activity/Sport: Rowing

When/why did you start? 2 weeks ago

What do you enjoy about it/what keeps you doing it? I love the challenge, it gets my heart rate up very fast. It’s very effective more than running for me. Very low impact on my knees.

What do you wish others knew? How versatile it was. You can go for a minute hard or a minute easy. It’s easy on the knees as well. You will see results very fast with this machine.

What is the best way to get started? Just start. Go for 5 minutes or less or start at 15 minutes. All depends on how easy hard you want to go.

Would you do anything different if you knew what you know now? No, I love it and I love that it’s easy impact on my body. I love the results I am having from it. My legs are toning and my back is getting stronger!

Do you race/compete or just do it for fun? I do it for fun and fitness. One day I want to actually go rowing on the water.

Favorite memory/story to share. Not really any stories to share. I did finally reach an hour of rowing. 12,021 meters of rowing. A landmark for me to improve!

Random Statistics/Anything else you would like to share. I just know I used to love running and spinning…still do, but knowing that rowing is easy and low impact and very effective keeps my motivation high is good.

If you enjoyed this post or want to learn more about Rowing, please visit April on her page It’s me, not you.


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  1. Rowing is an awesome sport! Some of my friends did it in college and were in amazing shape!! Happy Monday! Spa ❤

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