New Activity for the New Year: Paddle Boarding

Today’s featured activity is paddle boarding, thanks to Ali at Running with Three Boys!

One of my favorite fitness activities is paddle boarding. We live on Wolf Bay and Orange Beach, AL. I walk out on the end of my dock, put the board in the water and away I go.

My husband, Chris bought my paddle board in the spring of 2011. Chris is an avid surfer; and boy does he love to surf. He bought me the paddle board in hopes he could get me out in the Gulf and surf with him. This by the way has happen only once! I saw a shark, bailed on him and have not been back!

When the board came in the mail, I will admit I was little skeptical but I read that it was a great core workout and figured I would give it a try.

From the beginning I fell in love with being on the board. There is something very peaceful and calming about paddling over the water. It is amazing, plus it really is a killer workout. You can make the paddle as intense as you want. The harder you paddle the faster you go and the better workout you get!

I head for a paddle because you get a great workout without realizing all the work you’ve done. Your mind and body reap the benefits!

In the summer of 2011 we took the paddleboards to the Florida Keys. It was amazing. From the boards you can see straight down into the water and look at all the coral and sea life. We paddle the boards through the Mangroves and the shallow waters of the coral reefs. It was an amazing experience.

If you are interested in paddle boarding find a place that rents them. The bigger the board the easier it will be to keep your balance. Start out in calm water and in the center of the board. Begin paddling into the wind and/or against the current. Paddle from the front of the board all the way down the side and out at the back. It’s real easy once you get the hang of it. Trust me your abs, legs, back, butt and arms will love/hate you for it the next day!

Did you know there are paddleboard races all over the world? The biggest SUP race is The Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championship: 32 miles of Open Ocean with 10- to 15-foot swells.

One day I would love to participate in a race until then I will hop in my back yard and paddle away.

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