New Activity for the New Year: Hot Yoga

Today I am excited for Day 1 of my December “New Activity for the New Year” feature. Lindsey from Run, Stretch, Repeat will be discussing hot yoga. I encourage you to read this post, as well as check out her site. Make sure to give her some love while you are there 🙂
Activity/Sport: Hot Yoga (Bikram)

When/why did you start? I’m newer to Hot Yoga, I just started in October. I decided to try it because I had been doing a basic yoga class at my local gym and I really wanted more of a challenge. I run and I like to have yoga in my cross training regimen, but I wouldn’t a challenge while I’m at it.
What do you enjoy about it/what keeps you doing it? I really like the studio I go to. My teachers are awesome and the environment is great. I think for yoga, if you don’t like your teachers and studio, you aren’t going to enjoy your practice as much. I love yoga because it allows me to quit being competitive and only focus on myself. When you have your intentions set on your practice, you can’t think about what you have to do when you get home, or what the person next to you is doing. If you don’t concentrate, you won’t be able to perform. I’m naturally very competitive and running just promotes that with all the races and what not. Yoga is great because you don’t have to compete with anyone other than yourself. Every day is different. One day you may be able to hold some pose and the next day you can’t. You just listen to your body and try your hardest. I specifically like hot yoga because it’s the same 26 poses every time and, well, it’s HOT! Nothing like a good sweat to make you feel better.
What do you wish others knew? While hot yoga is hot, it isn’t unbearable. You’re going to sweat and you’re going to wish you had a gallon of water, but when it’s over, you will feel excellent about your practice. Don’t feel like you can’t lay down and take a break if the heat is bothering you. I’ve seen some amazing yogis take a break and there is no shame in that- it’s 105 degrees after all!
What is the best way to get started? Just find a studio and try it out. I did some basic yoga before so I knew something about yoga when I got there, but I think even if you didn’t know anything you could still go and figure it out as you went. If you’re nervous, try some online videos or Google the poses before you go.
Would you do anything different if you knew what you know now? I would have started sooner! I was worried about being the worst one there and I was scared to go by myself. Now that I’m going, I realize how silly that was.
Do you race/compete or just do it for fun? Hot Yoga is for fun!
Favorite memory/story to share. I’m still very new to my practice and I’m not the most flexible person. I am always excited when I find out that I can do more than I thought I could. Sometimes, I just go for it and try the next level of a pose and I find that I can do it or I am really close. That always makes me feel good!
Random Statistics/Anything else you would like to share. There is so much information about hot yoga out there. I wrote a post about it when I first started- I would suggest researching it online if you want to know more.


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  1. Looks great! I’ve done hot yoga but not the ‘official’ Bikram. I’d love to someday!

  2. Yoga is a meditative discipline originating in India that combines the spiritual, physical and mental processes to reach a state of peace and spiritual enlightenment. No doubt, you may have seen or heard of a few of the common yoga postures like the downward dog, the lotus, or the frog; but trying them is altogether different. It takes great flexibility, concentration and discipline to master any yoga routine, and there is another missing element that could help you along the way: heat.

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