New traditions

My husband and I decided this year that we needed to develop some of our own traditions for the holidays. We have no children, but we wanted something to make us feel more like a family instead of just extensions of our parents and siblings. First up, the tree. We had gotten a cheap fake pre lit tree on black friday the first year we were married. We set it up once or twice, and didn’t bother (aka no tree) the other years.

We decided that we would start a new tradition of going to get a tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. For me, this was going to be a first. Growing up, I remember going out in the yard with my dad to pick a tree to cut down. Unfortunately, as I got older so did the trees and eventually they got too big to be used as christmas trees. Once that time came my parents decided to just go with a fake tree. We weren’t sure where the best place to go, so we drove around a little until we saw the nursery we like to buy flowers at had trees for sale.

We were the only ones there so we were able to take our time and pick out the perfect tree. Once we found it, a nice man helped up by wrapping it and giving it a fresh-cut. We then packed it into the car and drove home. Ahhhh the smell of fresh pine…

we found “the one.”

never seen a tree get wrapped before

proof that you can fit a tree into a little sporty car



My only real disappointment is that I couldn’t find an angel tree topper that I like. I found they all were huge, fake looking and lit up. I just wanted a basic angel made of cloth or paper or something that was simple and elegant without all the glitter. Even finding a basic star that didn’t light up was difficult, but luckily we found a decent one for cheap at Target.

So that is one holiday tradition for the two of us, but we are looking for more great ideas. Soooo the QOTD is: Do you and your spouse have any holiday traditions you’d like to share?


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