Running streak & exciting news

Anyone following me on twitter already knows I’m participating in this years Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak. The basic idea is you run at least one mile everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It was started as a way to keep people on track during the holiday season, but for me it represents much more.
After failing at virtually all of my goals for October, not even setting any in November, I am determined to complete this challenge. I may have valid excuses, but they are just that excuses, so I am not letting them get in my way. I’ve already had to get pretty creative to fit in my mile per day, and I am not even a week in yet. I am hoping this week will be the hardest and not just an indication of the world out to thwart me…
The problem for me lies in the fact that it is winter, which means less hours of sunlight AND I do not own a treadmill. I am definitely not one against morning workouts, in fact, I much prefer working out first thing when I wake up. The problem lies in the fact that it is dark when I leave for work in the morning. There are a whole host of issues that have prevented me from getting a mile run in during daylight hours, but I will skip the drama here. Instead I will tell you how I have overcome my challenges.
You may be wondering how I have gotten my runs in then? Well first, I want to be totally honest and clarify that when I say run or running streak, I am actually referring to run/walking. Yes, I physically could run one mile, but I prefer to keep the same method as what I use in my training and do a combination of running and walking to keep my knees from getting too upset. Back to my “runs,” I have taken an flashlight out and ran around my yard in the pitch black (6 times to complete a mile). I have run up and down the huge hill of a driveway I have (5 up/downs). I have even ran circles inside my own house (about 5000 laps) when there was ice outside and I knew it wasn’t worth injuring myself outside in the dark when I was home alone. So there you have it. I am going to finish this challenge, even if it is the death of my sanity 🙂
And now time for my big exciting news…I am in the process of switching my blog over to being self hosted! What does this mean for you? First and foremost, please check out my new blog address ( If you are following my blog or have the address bookmarked or in your reader, please make sure to follow the new one, change any links, etc. In the near term I will continue to post on both sites, but moving forward my old, non self-hosted blog will be phased out, so I don’t want you to miss anything. Also, over the next couple weeks I may be posting a little less frequently, but that is because I will be trying to give you the best experience possible on the new site.
QOTD: I’d love to get your feedback now that I am able to customize a lot more. What do you like or not like on the new blog? Suggestions for improvements can be left in the comments below or emailed to me directly.

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