November Boxes

Want to know what came in my November Boxes? Here is a quick summary:

Nature Box
1) Carrot Chips

2) Roast Garlic Pumpkin Seeds

3) Chipotle Maple Almonds

4) Country Ranch Peas: This was the only thing in the box I was not excited about right off the bat. However, I am thoroughly impressed and actually a big fan of these now. Glad I was introduced to something I never would have tried on my own!

5) Cinnamon Spice Granola



Bulu Box

1. Almased: metabolism booster

2. CocoaWell True Energy: fight fatigue & stress

3. Elebra: brain function

4. FRS Energy Chews: sustained vitality
-My initial reaction is 1)they are very pricey if you take 4-6 per day as recommended, 2)they have a very strong “vitamin” odor (those around you will not appreciate) and 3)taste is actually pretty good

5. Immuno-Viva Defend+Energy: cough and cold prevention

6. Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant: odor-control towelette

QOTD: Do you subscribe to either box? Is so, what did you think of this month’s items?


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  1. Those both sound awesome! I haven’t tried either of those but I think I’d more inclined to give the bulu box a try. I get my jackedpack which I love and used to get birchbox but found that I didn’t use much out of it.

  2. i’ve never tried a nature box but i’ve tried the bulu box. I think they would be perfect as gifts but I’m not sure if it would be a great every month thing!

  3. oh i love the frs energy chews!!! i think that they work well and taste great! def pricey though. ive tried the other berry flavor also that they have! have a great night! spa ❤

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