Calling all hydration experts

I apologize for not posting more this week, but I’ve been keeping busy in Chicago all week for work. I managed to give my longest presentation ever at four hours on the dot Monday (YES 4!), though I can honestly say I didn’t want to hear my own voice the rest of the day after that.

This week’s sweat pink ambassador questions was:
What’s your fuel pack of choice? What fuel packs have worked, which havent and why?

Yes, I know I was supposed to talk about fuel, but I decided to focus on hydration since I want a combo option AND because that is the area I need your help the most. As I said, I have tried two (one I won and the other I bought at a huge clearance sale), but I was not really a fan of either one. So I am turning to you guys, my readers, what hydration options have you tried? Which did you like and why? If you watched my video you should have a good idea of what I am looking for…aka the perfect combo of hydration, storage and fit 🙂


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