I Won!

Yes, yes I realize I led with the tagline again, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Sunday was the first in a series of monthly indoor archery tournaments put on by Hall’s Arrow to get archers ready for State and New England Championships. I had previously decided to shoot compound for this first one because I wanted to make sure I had shot one official competition for each (compound and recurve) before making my decision on which to focus on moving forward.

I have not really been practicing with my compound bow, as I am doing the thursday night league with my recurve and have been focusing on improving that. However, I think there is a lot to be said about recurve shooting helping you with compound. I did get a new arrow rest put on, as the one I had was the worst possible for target shooting, and I practiced a couple times in the days leading up to the match to make sure I had no problems drawing back the weight.

As usual, Sunday morning came and I was full of nerves. I knew I would be at a disadvantage shooting a hunting bow, but I wanted to prove that I was a good shooter, even with lesser equipment. My goal was to hit a 280 (for 30 shots), which would give me all the pins in the adult achievement program below the olympian levels. The match would be out of 45 shots, so I was giving myself the benefit of either the first 10 or last 10 shots. I figured if I could do this with a cheap “bass pro” hunting bow, then compound was definitely the area I would focus on moving forward.

We arrived at the range more than an hour before the start, only to find the range didn’t open until an hour prior so no one was there! I tried to calm myself down, but all I could think of was how I wanted to prove to myself (and others) that I was a good shooter. Once we got inside and got our lane assignments, I started to relax a little bit. That is until everyone hung their bows up, and Rich said “what looks wrong with this picture.” Aka my bow stood out like a sore thumb against their fancy target bows with stabilizers and their fat arrows.

My target is on the top, which means I will shoot 2nd for my lane, so I patiently wait as my lane mate shoots his three shots. I then go up to the line, and I can feel myself shaking. I try to steady myself and release the shot…whoops, it looks like I just hit a 7! Now I am worried, knowing I needed to avoid 8s to hit my 280. I then just say screw it to myself and shoot my second two shots. Both appear to be 9s, so I know I will be digging myself out of a hole and the 280 is probably no longer even possible.

We head down to score and I see my 7 is actually right on the line. I’m not sure if it will get called a 7 or an 8, but I am praying its an 8. I’m so focused on that arrow, that I don’t even notice my 3rd shot was a 10! I ended up with a 10,9,8 or a 27 for the round and I am thanking my lucky stars. That means I am still in the hunt for my 280. We continue through and I am shooting ok, but I just don’t feel like I “have” it. I can nail the 9s no problem, but I was not getting many 10s. Then I shot a 26 (another 8!), and two rounds later I had 2 arrows that couldn’t have been any closer to the 10 ring and still be 9s (this is where the people laughed and said “see this is where your tiny arrows hurt you”).

In the end I shot a 274 and 276 for my two sets of 10, which tied my personal best from a practice score. Although I was disappointed I didn’t get my 280, I know it’s within reach, and I was happy with my score. I only shot two 8s (my lowest ever), and I felt like I had shot much worse then the 413 I finished with. Now came the waiting time, as there was a second round of shooters in the afternoon. I knew I had beat one of the guys in my scoring group by a decent amount (the other beat me by one point), which made me feel good knowing they were more experienced, had done a lot of big competitions and had much nicer bows and arrows for target shooting.

And then finally the good news came. I’m traveling for work this week, but Rich emailed me this picture when he got to the range for his lesson last night:

I had won the female compound division and couldn’t be happier. I’ve also decided that while I will continue to work on recurve, my focus for this season will be compound. My goal is to place in the top 8 at outdoor nationals in Cincinnati next July. I know this is a very lofty goal, but you don’t win big by dreaming small 🙂

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  1. Congrats Crystal

  2. Good job.

  3. Awesome job! Hubby now hunts and a whole back I tried to shoot a now at am archery shop! Tough! So great you found something you love and are excelling at it! You go girl!

  4. oh my gosh, that is sooooo cool! I’m so jealous, i’ve always wanted to try archery! congratulations! that’s awesome.

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