Last minute race & a surprise PR

So after accidentally doing an almost 13 mile run two weeks ago, I decided what the heck, I should just do an actual race. I did a google search and found there was a 1/2 marathon in North Conway, NH (one of my favorite places) October 28th. I figured this was the perfect opportunity for Rich and I to head up north and get some biking in and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Because I was doing this race solely for fun, I decided I would take a picture during each of my walking breaks (every 7 mins). This way instead of a full race writeup, all of you could see the race directly from my eyes. Hope you enjoy the photo journey below!

Quick Recap
It was pretty cold the morning of the race, and while I knew I would quickly warm up, it was supposed to stay cloudy, so I decided to throw on a thin long sleeve. That was my first mistake, as I had to strip it off before I even reached mile 2! Also, I got caught in the stream of people and the beautiful surroundings and lost track of where I was, so I forgot to take my Island Boost until after the half way point (was planning to take it somewhere around mile 4-5). Miles 8-10 were probably the toughest for me, as I was struggling mentally…I was almost bored from being out there “by myself” so long. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for better weather, and I ended up getting a PR without even trying. What could be better then that?

Photo Journey
-click on individual pictures to see them full size

Race Bib


Aerial view from DragonFly camera

First quarter of a mile


One more

7 mins

14 mins: School House Motel (where we stayed)

21 mins: Blueberry Muffin (pre-race breakfast was here)

28 mins: Up the Hill

35 mins: Beautiful View

42 mins: My Right

49 mins: Pretty Lake (hard to see in pic)

Had to stop and take a picture of this nice covered bridge!

View from on the bridge

56 mins: Just Past 1/2 Marker

1 hr 3 mins: Really starting to thin out

1 hr 10 mins: Relaxing view

1 hr 17 mins: My breast cancer awareness shoe

1 hr 24 mins: Toughest mile for me

1 hr 31 mins: Smiley Face Barn Roof

1 hr 38 mins: Another view of the mountains

1 hr 45 mins: A horse

1 hr 52 mins

1 hr 52 mins: In front of me

1 hr 52 mins: Behind me

1 hr 59 mins: Just one more hill to climb

Final quarter of a mile


No, I’m not walking

Final one before the finish

About to cross the finish line

And finally crossing the finish

My reward: ice cream

Bling Take 1

Bling Take 2


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  1. great job on your run! it looks like a very scenic view and of course ice cream afterwards is a must! (:

  2. Gorgeous course- you did an awesome job documenting it!

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