One step forward, three steps back

It’s been awhile since I posted any updates on my archery activities, so I figured it was about time. I had been consistently averaging over 230 and had broken 240 once, then we made lots of changes…

I got a clicker put on, added side stabilizers, tried different limbs, changed my draw, and the list goes on and on. The first weekly league event with these changes, I didn’t even brake 200! I was very frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. I even picked back up my “hunting” bow and decided to shoot that for the next competition.

I’ve had some time to cool off now, and I am slowly working my way back to my old scores. Each week I’ve consistently improved, but unfortunately still haven’t gotten back to where I was previously. With my hunting bow, on the other hand, I am able to consistently shoot very high scores for a compound bow without even practicing. And this is with a bow which is no where near top of the line (even for a hunting), has an arrow rest definitely not meant for target shooting and uses a bulky trigger release.

This leaves me faced with a decision; do I stick with recurve and take it as a challenge that I am not better OR do I get a target compound bow, since that is clearly where my natural skill seems to be.


So my question for all of you; do you follow your natural abilities or do you like the challenge of trying to do something your physically not as good at?


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  1. Funny you should be asking that about the recurve vs. compound bow. Just was reading an article about some of the best shooters in the world can’t compete in the Olympics because they shoot compound bows instead of recurves. So I guess they are asking the same question, just for a different reason.

  2. Exactly! That is in the back of my head as well. You can compete at all the world championships, nationals, etc but not the olympics unless they make the change.

  3. A little from column A, a little from column B. 🙂 I like to feel successful, so I’m likely to stick with the things I’m good at, but I love trying new things and (slowly) achieving success at the challenges.

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