How to find the right supplements for you & a giveaway

I find it hard to determine which supplements I should take. Everyone tells you something different, scientific research doesn’t want to agree, and we are all unique (bodies, training plans, goals, etc). For this reason I find it very difficult to figure out what I should and shouldn’t be taking daily, before/during/after exercise or once in a while. I have found that we each need to use a little trial and error to find what makes us and our bodies feel the best and perform the best. And that is the reason I decided to give Bulu Box a try.

For a low monthly fee, I could try samples of all kinds of different supplements each month. No I don’t expect to like or even want to try everything that comes each month, but even if I find just one thing to try for the month I figure it is a success. Why? Because think of how much you would spend on one full size product just to try it and see if it works for you!

So are you curious as to what comes in a monthly Bulu Box? Below I walk you through everything that came in my October Bulu Box last week.

One additional benefit to Bulu Box is they have most/all the products they send you available for purchase in full size on their website. This way you can order more once you find your favorites.

And for one lucky reader, I have a free Bulu Box to send you. Please leave me a comment telling me why you would like to give Bulu Box a try, and Sunday evening I will randomly select one person to receive a free box!

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  1. Hey. I see u r doing a supplement trial. I am taking a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that you should probably consider looking at. As u get more and more knowledgable on the supplement path you will see that this is THE one to take. This is also the number one fatigue fighter that Dr.Oz reccomended on his show!My husband has had joint pains his whole life and the doctors told him that it was growing pains. Well he is 30 now and still has them. He has a hard time sleeping at night so we tried this vitamin supplement (because we had tried everything else) and the pain went away and now he is able to sleep at night PAIN FREE!!!! This may or may not be for you but it is definately worth a shot!!!

  2. I would like to win the Bulu box, and probably for the same reasons as you. Sounds like a quick, low risk way to try various products. 🙂
    SPA love!

  3. i got a bulu box once! it was awesome. I would love to win another! (:

  4. I would love to try the Bulu box to see what other types of supplements they send out and to get an idea if it would be something i would normally order. SPA Love!!!

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