Products I Love: Nuun

Water, water & more water.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially as athletes. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this is an area we often neglect. How many of us can honestly say we drink 8-10 full glasses of water a day, plus what we lose through the course of exercise? According to statistics, less than 10% of us…yet, a drop of just 2% in fluid can lead to reduced mental sharpness, and dehydration is believed to be the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue in adults. I know personally for me I tend to make two excuses for not drinking enough; convenience and taste. I like my water very cold or with lemon in it, otherwise I’m not a huge fan of plain water.

At work I have no trouble drinking enough. It gives me an excuse to get up from my desk and stretch my legs AND there is a water cooler, keeping my water perfect temperature. The problem for me is when I am at home or on the go. I’ve managed to solve one of my issues by caring a polar bottle with me (if you missed it, see my post about them here). These bottles allow me the convenience of always having water with me, while also keeping it cold!

So moving on to the issue of taste. Over the years, I have tried a variety of products added to my water to help me drink more of it. Overall, I have found the majority of these gels, tablets or drops to be too strong, too weak, full of crap and just too costly to use regularly. Then came Nuun.

Let me start with a little background, forgetting about daily hydration for a minute. As a lifelong athlete, I have used Gatorade, Powerade, All Sport, you name it while practicing and competing. These products all seemed to work, but I found them a pain for travelling with or trying to freeze, etc. I also found that many of these products were too strong or sugary for me, so I ended up watering them down. But the number one issue I had with all of these sports drinks was the fact that they were such a waste to the environment. Even if you tried to save and reuse the bottles, there was just no way to avoid tons of extra plastic ending up in landfills somewhere.

When I began cycling, I enjoyed flipping through cycling catalogs, learning about new products. That is were I first saw these tablets you could drop into your water made by Nuun. I thought what a great idea! Not only would this eliminate large amounts of waste, but they were convenience and easy to carry with you. They allowed me to easily get the electrolytes I needed, with just access to tap water. I was expecting the taste to be the same thick flavor you get from a typical sports drink, but I didn’t care, as I was just excited about the delivery method.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I first tried the Nuun tablets. The taste was fantastic! I found the flavor to add just enough that I didn’t feel like I was drinking plain water, but it wasn’t overly flavored to making you feel weighed down and full after drinking an entire bottle. Also, you weren’t left with a sugary film in your mouth, since Nuun provides just what you need and nothing more (less than 1g of carbs, fewer than 8 calories, no sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors or colors). From this point on I was hooked, and Nuun has become my sport drink of choice ever since. They have full line of flavors and routinely come out with new flavors to try.

So moving back to the idea of daily hydration. After using Nuun for some time while exercising, I soon began to realize that it had the perfectly balanced taste I was looking for to get my daily dose of water. The only downside was the fact that Nuun was specifically created to replenish lost electrolytes and contained “extras” I did’t need just sitting at my desk during the day. Obviously, the people at Nuun are pretty smart because they realized the same thing I did and developed two additional products; U Natural and Nuun All Day. Both of these are a great alternative to the original. They are perfect when you are looking just for some added flavor, and you still get the convenience of a tablet.

As with my other product posts, I also want to highlight the benefits of Nuun as a company, not just a product. Like the others I have mentioned, Nuun doesn’t just TALK about making a difference, they actually DO. Take for example the tubes that their tablets come in. They are not only eliminating a lot of waste (12-16 plastic bottles saved per tube), they are also recyclable and 100% waterproof, which means lots of creative uses for used tubes! Nuun also supports lots of great causes, both locally and globally. Currently they have partnered with Team in Training and Susan G Komen 3 day, offering products specifically for these events; raising both money and awareness. They also support athletes through their ambassador program and offer fitness/nutrition advice on their blog.

Personally, I can’t wait to try the new Blueberry Pomegranate flavored All Day Nuun, what about you? Which Nuun flavor is your favorite?



About Crystal

I'm a professional archer who also enjoys participating in mountain biking, cyclocross, swimming and running races. I race more for the fun and excitement than for top places and awards (or at least I try!), and my true passion is coaching others. I have a weakness for ice cream and a good espresso. I love being outdoors, and my dream is to one day own 100 acres.

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