Mid Season Recap

Yes, it took me forever to get a second post up, but I am going to blame that on the fact that I have been busy writing for the DAS race team blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should (http://dasraceteam.blogspot.com/).

So anyways, now that I have quite a few cx races under my belt, I figured it was about time for an update. Overall, I really feel like I am improving every race, but I would say Mansfield Hollow felt like my breakout race (to me at least). This was the first time I really felt comfortable in the turns and was even able to accelerate out of them.

Unfortunately, my finish positions haven’t accurately shown the improvements I feel I am making. So far my worst finish was dead last and my best finish was 3rd to last. At least I can say I have been consistent, I suppose. For me this has been the biggest frustration, as there are a couple girls that I can easily beat without really trying, yet I don’t even come close to those finishing one or two places ahead of me.

When you are out on the course in no man’s land, all by yourself, it is really tough mentally to push yourself. Now you may think this would be easy for more of an endurance athlete like myself, but the problem here is races are only 35-40 mins. I don’t have time to get in “the zone” or mentally get in a rhythm for myself. Cross races are supposed to be all out pain for the short time you have. This makes it very difficult when you can’t even see any other riders, and there is really no one you are competing against.

The other main frustration I have is with the way the results are shown. Once you get lapped, everyone gets a -1 (or -2, etc), but they don’t give any times. Now obviously they have your finish time, even if you were lapped bc thats how they were able to score you amongst those that got lapped. I find this irritating bc I really have no way of knowing (besides my own interpretation from who I see on the course) how far behind the rider ahead of me I was. I mean yes I didn’t see them, but were they 40 secs or 4 mins ahead of me. For me, it would really help to know this 1)for motivation and 2)to see if I actually am improving each week vs others or not.

So my goals for the rest of the season:
-be able to dismount correctly. This is important for two reasons; first it will make me feel like less of an idiot out there and secondly it will help my remounts bc it will put the pedal in the correct position (the way I get off now, it puts it in the opposite direction needed and makes my remounts even slower).
-make it onto my final lap before getting lapped. The last couple races, I have made it to the final straightaway before the finish, but I have yet to cross the finish line before getting passed by the lead rider. From here I can work on how many people lap me, etc.
-beat (or at least be within visual distance) of some of the riders who have been consistently 1-3 spots ahead of me. Once this happens, I think I will be able to push myself to the next level and really begin to feel like a “racer” instead of just a participant.
-get 10 sponsors for the race team in 2012. Yes, this is a personal goal bc I really want to feel like I am contributing something to the team. Since my race results are obviously nothing to write home about, I want to be able to help the team with financial assistance. I will be happy if I am able to get 5 by year end, but my real goal is to have 10, and I am pretty optimistic at this point.


About Crystal

I'm a professional archer who also enjoys participating in mountain biking, cyclocross, swimming and running races. I race more for the fun and excitement than for top places and awards (or at least I try!), and my true passion is coaching others. I have a weakness for ice cream and a good espresso. I love being outdoors, and my dream is to one day own 100 acres.

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